Cincinnati Nature Center

he stepped back into her life
like a massive gust of wind
jostling her about
untidying her soul and
throwing her off balance
because this is his way
only she saw with new vision
what she hadn’t before
fantasy evaporating
like a vapid mist
disappearing over the horizon
right before her eyes
and she knew
with absolute clarity
she’d rather be alone
than for him to
come near her
the little girl 
that once was
is no longer 
clarity giving her
a power and beauty
that knows no bounds …

even in all of his silence
she loved him endlessly
he was like the stillness
of the first glints of morning
the calm that you breathe
straight into your soul
as life begins to stir
and the sun is peaking
just over the horizon 
waiting to burst forth
and shine light upon 
the entire waiting world
she’d never known anyone
as bright as he is
his light had a way 
of illuminating the darkest
corners of her fragile soul
(Reblogged from melitaea)


Spiders crawling
In our heads
Out our mouths
Into our beds

Spiders crawling
Here and there
Making homes
In our hair

We look away
Afraid to know
Afraid to see
What lies below

Afraid the truth
Too much to bear
To take all in
So we don’t dare

Instead each day
We close our eyes
Choose not to see
Believe the lies

just hold me

hold me in your heart

because I want to feel loved

and you’re so perfect at it

Freight Trains

Wandering directionless
She stumbled upon some railroad tracks
As she skipped along them aimlessly
The tracks began to hum
There hadn’t been any warning
Or because she’s a daydreamer
She had missed the signs
But it is a railroad track
Stepping upon it sets things in motion
He was headed right for her
He was a freight train
The sound almost deafened her
And the light from the engine
So incredibly bright
Shining into the darkest crevices
Of her mixed up soul
For the briefest moment
She let herself be fully seen
Before jumping from the tracks
He left as quickly as he had come
Reality as she understood it
Melted into a puddle on the ground
Leaving her there to clean it up
And piece it back together
into something new

“She took a heavenly ride through their silence
She knew the moment had arrived
For killing the past
And coming back to life”

Forever having shifted and shaped her paradigm

nothingness …